ISN Clinic Referrals

To provide clients with the best care and management of your psychological needs, we welcome referrals from different sources such as a clients GP, specialist and Allied Health provider.

As we are not funded by Medicare or any other third party such as TAC or Workcover, we can offer our clients long term, intensive psychological treatment.

Allied Health Referers can also access our services to help manage their long waitlists. Our service can be utilised to support your busy practice. We can provide short term management and care for clients on your waitlist.

Provided consent is given, all referrers will be kept informed and updated with clients’ care and management.

Clients can self refer to ISN Clinic.

Our community telehealth service is available at no cost.

Our low cost cognitive and educational assessment services can be used in collaboration with other clinical and/or educational service providers.

Self Referrals

Clients are able to self refer to our ISN Clinics psychology services.

Community Referrals

Local and regional community services such as GP’s, Specialists, Schools, Family services, Allied Health service providers are able to refer clients to ISN Clinic.

Referrals can be sent to our reception:

School Referrals

ISN Clinic has several links with schools across Melbourne to provide counselling to students. Teachers seeking to engage counselling services for students, please log into the system through the below portal link.


ISN Clinic is closely partnered to ISN Psychology, a psychology training and research institute in Ivanhoe.