ISN offers psychology degrees from undergraduate right through to masters, delivered by leading academics in the fields of social science and psychology, evolutionary psychology, epigenetics, social neuroscience, and biochemistry.

Combining supervised clinical experience and funded research, our degree will ensure graduates have the most well-rounded theory, research and clinical experience available, so that they are as well prepared as possible for their careers.

Our institute differs from other psychology education providers by structuring education pathways and industry alliances to deliver a single outcome – ensuring our graduates have the breadth of skills and experience needed for a career, either in clinical psychology or research. We can say this with certainty because ISN Psychology is the only Victorian Institute currently offering top applicants a 6-year degree sequence from undergraduate
to a master of psychology.

Whether you enter as an undergraduate or transfer in as a fourth-year student, we give you the opportunity to undertake the full sequence of postgraduate courses leading to eligibility for registration as a psychologist.

Solely psychology

As our college is dedicated solely to psychology, there is no competition from other faculties for funding or resources. This means all our students are able to participate in our directly-funded and collaboratively-funded research placements.

Co-located with our psychology clinic, ISN Psychology is staffed by a team of experienced psychologists. They are on hand to provide Master-level students with supervised clinical experience. As a student, you will gain exposure to the most advanced treatment methods across a wide range of mental health, trauma, personality disorder and counselling situations.

Unique course offering

The breadth of our course offering in the cross- disciplinary field of Social Neuroscience is unique. You will graduate with the advantage of being at the forefront of knowledge and technological advances in a new paradigm of patient treatment which is revolutionising the delivery of Psychological services.

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