You may have noticed some of the questions scrolling across the home page of our website. Questions like:

What is the role of religion and science?

Why do civilisations rise and fall?

What is the link between diet and mental health?

Why did Brexit happen?

Why was Trump elected?

At ISN, we are interested in exploring questions like these. We do this in an environment that fosters intellectual rigour combined with freedom of expression. We are not afraid to explore subjects that might be considered taboo in other environments. We aim to avoid preconceptions, while listening to a diverse range of views amongst our students, academics, clinicians and researchers.

Around the lunch table you might hear terms like “social neuroscience” and “biohistory” in amongst the more conventional expressions you would expect in a psychology institute. These are leading-edge ideas and that is why you will hear them at ISN.

We value curiosity and a willingness to test new ideas in a learning environment where it is safe to express creative thoughts.

There are two more questions you might have noticed on our home page. These are: Are you seeking an open environment to learn and explore in? Are you ready to be challenged? If your response to these final questions is “Yes”, then an ISN degree could be the answer for you.